Key-Value 🔑 Storage

Put is blockchain powered key-value storage. Perfect for business rules, app configs, & feature flags.

Small size. Feature Rich.

Leverage benefits of blockchain without the headache. Our free & open source tools get you started in no time.

Stop downtime. ⚡NOW.

Outages don't stop access - even if we go offline. You can still get your data through a dozen+ other 3rd party APIs just as easily & quickly. Time saved = Money saved.

🗂️ REAL Data Ownership

Your data belongs to you - not us. Everything is stored on a secure public blockchain. No risk of data disappearing. You control what can be modified.

audit control: ⛏️ built in

The only way to be 100% sure your data isn't tampered with. All changes are viewable & openly recorded on the blockchain. Say hello to instant compliance & security.

key. value. easy.

Write to a secure blockchain in 3 quick steps.

Put is under development.
Instructions for use coming soon..

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Data is 100% controlled + owned by you. Stored & secured on a top-10 public blockchain (EOS). Pay once ➡️ read, and access forever.


Reserve lifetime space on the blockchain for key-value pairs. Get: 1024 bytes.

📝 process

Receive credits to add, update, or delete key-value data. Get: 100 write credits.

Want to save 14%? Get both 🗄️STORE and 📝PROCESS together. Buy for $12.

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Let's get you a free blockchain account. You will be able to store key-value pairs immediately upon quick phone verification.


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